What you can enjoy while you stay at the

Postcard/Photo by: Mountain West Prints/Rod Miller
Beautiful Bear Lake     8 minutes to North Beach, The Caribbean of the Rocky Mountains. Offers swimming, boating, sailing, jet skiing, watercraft (rentals available), beaching, picnicking, and barbeque's on the beach.
Garden City     Resort town on the lake, restaurants, shopping, state marina
Pickelville Playhouse     Summer Theater and cookout hiking trails in canyons
Bloomington Lake     Hike to breathtaking, pristine Bloomington Lake. A crystal clear green lake in Bloomington Canyon. Great for picnicks.
Paris Falls     Cascading waterfalls and wonderful foliage. Great for picnicks as well.
Minnetonka Cave     Fairyland rooms of stalactite and Stalagmite formations
The Historic Paris Tabernacle     Tours 9:30am to 5:00pm
Pioneering Adventures     Covered Wagon rides, barbeque, dinner and entertainment.
Bear Lake Market Antiques     Wonderful antiques store with a large selection of items, and a pizza shop in back. All right next door.
The Oregon Trail Center     The West's foremost, interactive, Pioneer Museum 8 minutes to Mt. Pelier.
Rails & Trails Musem     Also in Mt. Pelier
Paris Museum     Small but packed with heritage.
Lava Hot Springs     1 hour to an Olympic Swimming Complex, healthy hot springs, and shops
Geyser Park     45 mins. to Soda Springs
Other fantastic activities     Wildlife Refuge - Bird Refuge - Horseback Riding - Fishing on the Lake and Mountain Streams - Golfing, scenic hillside golf courses overlooking the Lake - BikeRiding Trails - Shoshone ATV Trail - Beautiful Hiking Trails in the Canyons