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We have been asked, what is a hermitage? A hermitage is a place where you can "hide away" from the stress and cares of life - a "retreat" - a place of "seclusion" - the abode of hermits! We hope for you it will be a wonderful private hideaway and a haven "away from it all".


Reception Area

Enter our Reception Area. Step down just to the left after entering at the main doorway, flanked on each side by blue lions!

Rec Room

On the main floor you will also find the huge Rec Room with many large tables for eating, crafts, scrapbooking, Genealogy, conference meetings, etc., ping pong, kid's pool table, foos ball, air hockey, centipede, board games, and a video collection of hundreds of movies. Behind the Rec room is Theater for watching movies.


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Toy Room

A great place for the little ones to play. Just downstairs from the Rec Room.

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Bunk Room

Also on the main floor is our on-site ICE CREAM SHOPPE and our Bunk Room with 8 bunk beds and 1 king bed.

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Shem Room

Now head upstairs... you will see a long, wide hallway. To the left is the Shem Room. 1 Double bed & 1 Futon.


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